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Well House Mill.
Civil Parish
Type of record
SD 8805 4705.
53.91945094, -2.183434743

Ortophotographic map

Aerial photographic view of Well House Mill (Barnoldswick, Lancashire).


Map of Barnoldswick with its 13 textile mills.


1 Brian Marshall


My Grandfather Alfred Herbert Dewhurst was a partner in "Dundale Dewhurst & Co" at Wellhouse Mills until his death in 1930. He was married to Minnie who was a Slater again in the Cotton trade. Is the Mill still operative and what does it now do? Any background information would be very useful !

2 David I Nuttall


My Grandfather Wilfred Herbert Nuttall was the manager there from shortly after World War 2 up until the early 60s when he retired. He passed away in 1966 aged 64, the year before I was born. Not really got any more information than that, and not sure when it closed, but it remained a cotton mill all that time. Wilfred was a veteran of the Somme (signed up age 15 with the Royal Leicester Regiment, as the Lancashire Regiment had already rejected him: because someone knew he was too young when he tried to sign up a couple of months earlier), he was a Singer Sewing Machine engineer - and managed 6 shops in the North east of England between the two wars. He moved into munitions production during the war, and then moved into the cotton milling industry post WWII. He was a highly rated engineer, and sometimes called in by other mills in Barnoldswick to fix machine issues their own engineers couldn't solve.

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