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Basic information

Staincliffe Mills.
Civil Parish
West Yorkshire.
Type of record
SE 2303 2327.
53.70535551, -1.652608747

Ortophotographic map

Aerial photographic view of Staincliffe Mills (Batley, West Yorkshire).


Map of Batley with its 61 textile mills.


1 M.J.Walker


Are Staincliffe Mills the same as the Kilpin Hill blanket manufacturery that is mentioned in various historical records from 1830 to 1860? I am trying to find out more about the Kilpin Hill business which seems to have been run by the Walker family of my great-great-grandparents (particularly, James, William, and Abraham Walker, all of whom lived in Carlinghow Lane ca. 1840-1850 according to census data, and parliamentary electoral rolls show James and William voting at Kilpin Hill). Joseph Walker (born around 1800-1805, and probably a younger brother of William Walker born in 1791) was recruited from Kilpin Hill by Thomas Cook of Dewsbury Mills and became his much-valued and trusted buyer of both national and international wool, and Joseph's son John Walker (born in 1834) seems to have been trained at Kilpin Hill before Thomas Cook, Son & Wormald put him in charge of Pildacre Mill near Ossett, when the partnership briefly took a lease on it in order to increase their spinning capacity, and in 1866 was invited John Walker to join the partnership (to which he contributed over ten thousand pounds, almost doubling his holding in it by 1873) and eventually it became Wormalds & Walker Blanket Mills Ltd (both John and his son Percival Benjamin Walker, were mayors of Dewsbury; John inaugurated its town hall in 1889). Any infrmation you cangive me would be most appreciated. Michael J. Walker, F.S.A. (Emeritus Professor, Murcia University, Spain) Please note that my email is mjwalke@gmail.com; it is NOT mjwalker@gmail.com. You may also send a copy to my university enail address which is : walker@um.es

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