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Crawshaw Mill.
Civil Parish
West Yorkshire.
Type of record
SE 2245 3319.
53.79454032, -1.660677535

Ortophotographic map

Aerial photographic view of Crawshaw Mill (Pudsey, West Yorkshire).


Map of Pudsey with its 23 textile mills.


1 Rita (Mrs) Daniels


Do you still produce the Sunbeam Paris 60% mohair yarn?

2 Keith Kneller


Do you still produce mountain maid dk and do you know where I can get some in shade 731.

Many thanks, Keith Kneller

3 Carol Read


Where can I find Sunbeam Paris mohair shades 6924 and 6921.Please advise.Thank you

4 Christine Hambleton


Could u tell me if you have any patterns to the brand of wooll called sunbeam Alaska.i have got your name from the band around the wool

5 Mrs M Reilly


Have you got any patterns for Sunbeam Sumatra yarn?

6 Marian Hill


Hi, i am trying to find a sunbeam child's aran pattern, i don't have the pattern Number of it, it is very old and it has 3 children on the cover of it, one boy is sitting on a bike and the other boy is kneeling beside him, there is also an oriental girl standing beside the boys.

7 Sue Morrison


I am looking for small quantity of Sunbeam Paris Mohair shade 1106. I need approx 4 balls of 50grms. Can you help me?

8 Gerard Delaney


Do you still produce Sunbeam Aran knit 100% pure 50grams light gray in colour don't know if this number helps. BS984/76. Another number on the pack is 33 6740 hope this helps and makes sense if you do still sell it is it possible to buy some from you or if you could tell me where you sell it to Yours Sincerely Gerard Delaney

9 Pauline Ord


Were can I purchase 11 balls of sunbeam sateen yarn? If this is not possible is there an equivalent yarn I can use for the Crocheted Sunbeam Pattern 917.

I live in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire.

Thank you.

10 Paula Purcaru


Do you still produce "Rumours by Sunbeam", shade 1506, dye 1, 25g? I need a small quantitie, just to finish a pullover. Can you tell me where can I find a few balls?

11 Howard


You all realise this is is not the website of the company, Sunbeam, don't you? Read the info in the "About" section above:

"Although this site is in English, because of its topic and objective target, it was made as an academic exercise from a Barcelona based Humanities student. The text below, written in Catalan, explains the origins and evolution of the site."

You are all giving knitters a bad name for being so stupid!!!

12 Eileen Lee


Do you know Where can I find Sunbeam Paris mohair shades 6924 and 6921.if not can you Please advise if there is an alternate mohair yarn the same colours that would work exactly as the Sunbeam Paris mohair. Many thanks, Eileen

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