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Basic information

Annitage Bridge Mills.
South Crosland.
Civil Parish
Huddersfield ; Meltharn.
West Yorkshire.
Type of record
SE 133 135.
53.6178781, -1.800416484


Woollen mill, established c1816-17 by Brooke family of Honley, long-established manufacturers and merchants. Built as integrated mill using both hand power (for spinning and weaving) and water power (for preparation and finishing). Substantial remains from this early period include large warehouse, five-storeyed ten-bay fireproof mill (Mill 1), hand-spinning and weaving shops, and five-storeyed loomshop added c1830. Six-storeyed thirteen-bay mill (Mill 2) built in 1828-9, probably to house machine spinning. Steam power added to supplement waterwheels and in 1834 power provided by three waterwheels (thirty, thirty, and sixty horse power) and two steam engines (thirty-four and forty horse power). Shed for powerloom weaving added in 1838, a very early example of the change from handlooms in the woollen branch, and extended in 1840s. Brookes built terraces of cottages on two sides of mill complex, St Paul's Church (1848, by R D Chantrell of Leeds), and Armitage Bridge House. Post-1850 expansion and rebuilding of dyehouses and sheds at lower end of site.


Image of Annitage Bridge Mills (South Crosland, WY)

Image of Annitage Bridge Mills.

Ortophotographic map

Aerial photographic view of Annitage Bridge Mills (South Crosland, West Yorkshire).


Map of South Crosland with its 7 textile mills.

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