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Map of Alverthorpe with Thornes textile mills

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Alverthorpe is a suburb of, and former village in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

After the start of the Industrial Revolution woollen and worsted yarns were spun and woollen and worsted cloth woven in the mills and factories that were built in the valley. Rope and twine were also manufactured.

Bective Mills, which now produces Sirdar hand knitting and rug wool, was established in Alverthorpe over 200 years ago. The company's 1791 Hebble Mill was replaced after being destroyed by fire in 1905. Thomas and Henry Harrap developed the business as Messrs Harrap Bros. Ltd. from 1880 onwards and the buildings and equipment continued to be upgraded and extended throughout the twentieth century. Now operating as Sirdar Spinning Ltd, the mill is one of Britain’s foremost worsted spinning mills for hand knitting wool.

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Map of Alverthorpe with Thornes with its 8 textile mills (Textile mill icon).

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Aerial photographic view of Alverthorpe with Thornes, West Yorkshire.

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