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Holbeck is a district in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

In the first half of the 19th century several mills including John Marshall's Mill were built to spin flax and thread. Marshall's Mill consisted of a spacious room lit by skylights, occupying an area of nearly two acres. There were ironworks, works for the manufacture of steam engines and machinery of all kinds. Matthew Murray's Round Foundry on Water Lane was where the Middleton Railway's first steam locomotives were built. The factory in Silver Street belonging to Taylor, Wordsworth and Co, machine makers, eventually grew to cover three acres.

In the mid 19th century Holbeck was one of the most densely populated suburbs of Leeds. By 1834 Holbeck was "the most crowded, most filthy and unhealthy village in the country." Slum clearance began by 1900.

Holbeck has suffered significant decline since the 19th century; many of the industrial buildings and warehouses have been demolished or fallen into disrepair. Holbeck is nevertheless home to 33 listed buildings and many other important architectural structures, some of the most notable of these are: The Dark Arches, the Hol Beck, Marshall's Mill, the Midland Mills, the Round Foundry, Temple Works, Tower Works and two railway roundhouses.

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Map of Holbeck with its 16 textile mills (Textile mill icon).

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