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Map of Midgley textile mills

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Map of Midgley with its 7 textile mills (Textile mill icon).

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Aerial photographic view of Midgley, West Yorkshire.

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Towns with historical textile mills near Midgley.


1 Janis Davies


I am tracing my family tree, and as a history buff, it is wonderful to be able to research the social history of my family and not just their names and where they lived. My 6th paternal great-grandfather lived in Midgley, and on his marriage to Mary Saltonstore, also from Midgley; on 5 November 1741, the Parish Church entry records states that he was a weaver. So far I have not been able to locate which mill he worked at and wondered if anyone here would be able to help me find this information. Thanks for reading, Janis Davies. FYI: I was born in North Wales, but live in Cyprus.

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