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Oats Royd Mills.
Civil Parish
Hebden Royd; Sowerby Bridge; Wadsworth.
West Yorkshire.
Type of record
SE 0395 2655.
53.73532516, -1.941599817


Steam-powered worsted mill, established in 1847 by John Murgatroyd, stuff manufacturer. Mill began as a spinning mill, with handloom and powerloom weavers employed elsewhere, but became fully integrated with introduction of combing and weaving to site, first in multi-storeyed buildings or in small sheds, later in large purpose-built sheds. Massive expansion between 1850 and 1890, with extensive additions to first mill in 1851 and 1855, new warehouse (1857), new mill (1863-4), combing shed (1885) and weaving shed (1887). Before c1880, Murgatroyds used Thomas, then John, Dearden of Halifax as architects. From c1884 T Lister Padgett of Halifax received the contracts for building design. Power evolution from beam and vertical engines to horizontal engines (1889, 1894), shaft drive replaced by rope drive. Massive company archive survives. Part demolished. Associated buildings: Oats Royd House (17th century and 19th century) and Broadfold (mansion of 1877); attached terraces of workers' houses (c1851, c1864) (demolished).


Image of Oats Royd Mills (Midgley, WY)

Image of Oats Royd Mills.

Ortophotographic map

Aerial photographic view of Oats Royd Mills (Midgley, West Yorkshire).


Map of Midgley with its 7 textile mills.

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