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Map of Todmorden and Walsden textile mills

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Todmorden is a market town and civil parish in the Upper Calder Valley in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, England. It is at the confluence of three steep-sided Pennine valleys and is surrounded by moorlands with outcrops of sandblasted gritstone. The historic boundary between Yorkshire and Lancashire is the River Calder and its tributary, the Walsden Water, which run through the town. The administrative border was altered by the Local Government Act 1888 placing the whole of the town within the West Riding.

Heavy industry is now part of Todmorden's history, not its present. The industrial chimneys have largely gone and the remaining mills have mostly been converted for other purposes. The town's industrial base is much reduced (at one time Todmorden had the largest weaving shed in the world).

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Walsden is a large village in the civil parish of Todmorden in the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale, West Yorkshire, England, though historically in Lancashire and close to the modern boundary with Greater Manchester.

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Map of Todmorden and Walsden with its 32 textile mills (Textile mill icon).

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Aerial photographic view of Todmorden and Walsden, West Yorkshire.

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1 Gary Greenwood


My Grandfather Abraham Edward Greenwood and his wife Ruth (Hollinrake) Greenwood (married before 1800) lived here. After my father migrated to Canada in 1920, all documentation of the family ceased.

I had a photo of my grandmother in a mill. I was told by my sister that the snow never got to be white because of the soot.

When I met my brother in law who had worked in a mill in the 50's, I asked about the mills. He would gladly see each of them destroyed.

2 Bruce Robert Bundock


My grandmother, whose name was Greenwood worked in one of these mills. She was born in the area in 1889. She may have contracted TB. I understand there were no child labor laws back then. Looking to expand my understanding of my gram's early history before she came to America.

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